Daily Quado: I am healed and healing through the conscious practice of tolerance and compassion

“I am healed and healing through the conscious practice of tolerance and compassion”

Today would be a wonderful day for you to open your heart to compassion, tolerance and acceptance.  When your mind begins to criticize, stop and breathe deeply.  Feel your heart opening wide and allowing the object of your criticism to be.  Accept each person as he or she is, without asking that she change, without asking that he be something other.

See each person as being just like you, a shining light, underneath the fear and the doubt.  See that each person wants approval, wants to find a way to make life meaningful.  See that each person is searching for a sign that she is important, that his life has meaning, that she is worthwhile.

Help each person to achieve this through simple acceptance and tolerance.  Help each person feel your love, caring and compassion, through your words, through your actions and yes, even through your thoughts.

For your critical thoughts are transmitted, your annoyance and irritation are conveyed.  Today, do not even think in that way.  Stop that judgment and criticism even as they begin.  And in their place, send a silent blessing of love, so that each person may shine a little brighter today, simply because you helped them remove one layer of fear and doubt.  Shine brightly from your own heart of love and see how it lets everyone else do the same.


I Am This Today

Today, I open my heart wide.  I feel my heart opening and pouring out love to all who walk the earth.  Today, I open my mind and allow others to think and feel and act differently than I do, and I accept them just as they are.

Today, I feel my kinship with all humanity, and I understand my brothers and sisters and ask them to be one with me in love.

Today, I am generous of spirit and forgiving in my mind and heart.

Today, I am healed and healing through the act of giving love, through the conscious practice of tolerance and compassion.  Today, I know and live the power of love.

I am love.  I am compassion and caring.  I am.


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