Daily Quado: Discipline is the wind beneath the wings of freedom that allows you to soar

“Discipline is the wind beneath the wings of freedom that allows you to soar.”

Today would be a wonderful day to rid yourself of some guests who came to stay a long, long time ago and now need to be sent away.  It is time to turn your attention on those negative habits that seem to plague you, that undermine your best efforts and prevent you from being what you wish to be, going where you wish to go.

Discipline is your friend.  Discipline is a liberator that makes it possible for you to achieve great things.  Through discipline, you achieve cleanliness and order, which gives you the great gifts of time and peace.

Discipline rids you of addictions, apparent pleasures which are not, in the long run, pleasures at all, but rather a sort of self-induced torture to which you hand over your power.

And discipline liberates the artist within, allowing creative self-expression through a musical instrument, dance and song, painting and sculpture.

Discipline is the wind beneath the wings of freedom that allows you to soar.

And the foundation of discipline is responsibility and active, conscious choice.  When you decide you truly want the free and open expression of yourself, when you decide that you truly prefer a life in which you awaken feeling good about yourself, when you decide you want this above all, more than you want the temporary feeling of gratification, then nothing can stop you.

You have the means within you.  It will be a challenge, yes, but life is full of challenges.  The difference between this challenge and the others in your life is that there are no outside forces to contend with.  You have the power and the means to do what you desire to do. \

You are much stronger than you realize.  Choose.  Choose to win, instead of to do battle every day.  Choose to give yourself what you are asking for.  Choose to liberate yourself from your self-imposed prison and fly out into life, soaring high and free.

I Am This Today

I breathe in deeply, open the crown of my head and allow my higher self to flood in, filling me with grace and power, filling me with a deep love of myself, filling me with oneness.  I glow from the strength and power that I am.

I love myself deeply.  I love myself so much that I give myself the great gift of self-discipline.  I nurture myself with love and caring.  I give myself everything that is truly good for me.

I willingly take full responsibility for everything that I am and do.  I am the creator of my life.

I am power.  I am beauty and love.  I am the full and complete expression of my higher self.  I am.


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