Daily Quado: Be an angel in someone else’s life

“Be an angel in someone else’s life.”

Today, I would ask each of you to be an angel in someone else’s life.  And here, this can be the simplest thing, the smallest gesture, to a friend but also to a stranger.

Today, as you go through your life, look around and see if there is some small thing you might do for someone else, some gift you can give them.  Look for the opportunity to say something nice, to listen attentively, to make a loving gesture.  Look for ways to brighten a life.  Look for ways to ease a heavy burden.

Spend a day continuously making the world a better place and you will find your own burdens will lift immeasurably.  The smiles of gratitude, the look of surprise from a grateful stranger, these things will lift you up and out of your own concerns.

Realize your power to bring joy and gladness to others.  Realize the power of a simple act of love and compassion.  Be an angel.

I Am This Today

Today I am aware of the people around me, all people, and look for opportunities to be their angel.

Today, I give love.  I open my heart with love, compassion and understanding and know that I am connected to each and every person I meet.

I am one with all and I give my love and kindness openly and easily as a natural part of my life.

I know the power of love.  I am full of kindness and consideration, warmth and caring.  I am an angel.  I am.


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I wish you love, peace and joy, Carrie

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