Daily Quado: Your worth is not measured in your accomplishments

“Your worth is not measured in your accomplishments”

Your worth is not measured in your accomplishments.  Your worth is not measured in how you spend your hours, how useful your activities are.  Your worth is not measured in how disciplined you are and how you have developed your talents.  Your worth is not measured in how you have overcome addictions.  Your worth simply is.

All of the rest can be meaningful to you in this lifetime, can help you feel peaceful and happy, can make you feel that your days have meaning.  But your days have meaning whether or not you do anything at all and your worth is beyond measure, just as you are.

And so fill your hours and days as you will and know that you are deeply loved, just as you are.  There is nothing that you can do or say, nothing you can fail to do, which will make you less loved.  There is no way you can lose the deep love and connection which is there for you, whether you acknowledge it or not.  There is no mistake so grave that you will fail to be deeply treasured, just as you are.

Take a deep breath and come into this moment.  Feel the love which surrounds you when you are anchored into now.  Hear the peace which underlies all.  And even if you struggle to accept these words, you can feel their truth when you come into now and connect deeply.

There is a great freedom in knowing that you have nothing to prove.  Following that dream of being a musician or a healer is no more or less worthwhile than washing dishes and scrubbing floors.  It holds within it what you choose to give it.  And no matter what, you simply are.  And as you are, you are loved.

I Am This Today

Today, I relax into myself and love myself exactly as I am.

I am full of faith and connection and a deep knowing that I am deeply loved and treasured, just as I am.  I am surrounded by angels who sing my praises.  I am deeply connected into the heart of all that is.  Just as I am, I am.  And that is enough.

There is nothing I need to do to prove that I am worthwhile.  I am.

I am peace, love and connection.  I am all that I need to be.  I am.


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I wish you love, peace and joy, Carrie

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