Daily Quado: Send fear away. Banish doubt. Be glad to be alive.

“Send fear away.  Banish doubt.  Be glad to be alive.”

Today, take a deep breath and fill yourself with gratitude, just for the great privilege of being alive.  Today, look up in the sky and take it all in, see yourself as a part of this beauty, this wonder.  Today, look at a leaf or a flower, study its intricacy and see yourself as one vein on the leaf, one petal within the opening rose.  See how you are unique, individual, yet a part of the whole.  See how life in its glory is intricate and detailed, and yet open and grand, glorious in its scope.

Today, breathe in gratitude. Be grateful for being alive, for having blood which runs through your veins.  Life is a great adventure and you are privileged to be a part of it.

Does it have its challenges?  Yes, of course, but that is what makes it the grand adventure it is.  Is it sometimes sad?  Yes, of course, but that also reminds you that you are alive, that you have feelings and connections, that you have allowed yourself to love.

Allow yourself to feel.  Allow yourself to experience.  Allow yourself to step out and do new things, meet new people, commit to projects and relationships even though you might be making a mistake.  Yes, allow yourself to make many, many mistakes, over and over, just as long as you are living, as long as you are embracing this glorious experience with both arms open wide.

Send fear away.  Banish doubt.  Be glad to be alive.

I Am This Today

I feel life running through my veins, vibrant and alive.  I am deeply grateful to be a part of this adventure and I open my arms and my heart to life and embrace it fully.

I welcome life and love in all its guises and am deeply grateful for being alive, for being here to take one more breath upon this blessed earth.

I am deeply connected with all that is.  I am peace and love at my heart.  I am.


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I wish you love, peace and joy, Carrie

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