Daily Quado: Today is the day to begin anew

“Today is the day to begin anew”

Today would be a wonderful day to start anew.  Today, there is no past, there are no failures behind you, no attempts that didn’t work out.  Today, the world is fresh and new and waiting to accept both your intentions and your actions.

Do not think that because you have tried something and failed at it that this is a pattern that will repeat.  It may well be that this next run at it will be the one that succeeds.  Do not allow the past to discourage you.  Today, the past does not exist.

Think in this way for a moment.  If you had never tried and failed, if you had no hurt built up in your heart, no discouragement from the past, and if you had no fear of failure in the future, no doubts about your own abilities, what would you begin today?

Today is the day to begin anew.  Today is a day, the day, to create your life as you wish it to be, filling it with the images and spiritual presence of its manifestation, the manifestation of your fully created life.  Today is the day to be the person you have been wishing to be, fully realized, full of loving energy and the strength and power of being.

I Am This Today

Today, I breathe deeply and pull in my higher self, allowing the golden energy to stream into me from above.  I feel the power.  I feel the love.  I am clean and pure and new.

I believe in myself.  I know that I am strong and capable and can do what I wish to do.  Today, I create my life from my own intentions, full of love, full of joy, full of peace.

I am love and joy and peace.  I am.


This message from Quado is a gift to you from me. 

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I wish you love, peace and joy, Carrie

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