Daily Quado: Nothing is ever lost

“Nothing is ever lost”

There are days when you feel sad, when you feel the loss of people and situations that are now gone or must soon leave your life.  Sometimes the sadness is so strong.

Grieving, letting go, is an important part of life.  For the newness that comes fills in spaces that were previously filled by other people, other events, other stages of your life.

It is wonderful to live in an easy flowing way, allowing things to go, allowing yourself to move on, shedding the tears you must shed, but letting them be cleansing tears, tears that wash clean, not toxic tears that keep you held back.  Cry when you must, but let the tears wash away sadness in the end, for a new day comes, new people enter your life, and life goes on in its beauty and flow.

And at the highest level, the level above this one, where you exist as a soul self, nothing is lost.  Everyone you have ever loved is still there, and you are joined in a loving glow of togetherness.  You are joined in all of the very best ways you were, with the love intact.  Love is never lost, even though it may leave this physical life, through death or distance.

And in this life, be open to the new.  Know that you will live forever.  Know that your deep connections with others remain, go forward into new adventures after this adventure is over.  Allow them to depart from this physical, linear world when the time is right, full of comfort that they are still with you on another level, the level that endures, the level that is always there.

And when you need to, you can reach this place of great love, just by breathing down to a quiet place, opening up the top of your head, letting the glow of your soul self enter you fully, and then lifting yourself up and into your higher self.  Lift yourself up and feel it.  First, feel the love of glow of love that is you.  At this level, you are pure love and nothing else.  And then, expand out and feel the loving presences that surround you, the other soul selves that are there with you still.  Nothing is ever lost.  You are deeply connected to all people, to all that is.

This life is an adventure.  Live it.  Open yourself wide.  Take a chance.  Step out in courage.  Try new things.  Gracefully let go of yesterday and come deeply into this moment.  And from here, take positive action that directs your steps for tomorrow.

You will have chance after chance, lifetime after lifetime, in which to have experiences, but this moment, exactly like this, will never come again.  Do not waste it by looking backward into yesterday.  Embrace now, this moment, right here, glorious in its presence.

I Am This Today

I am fully present in now, this moment.  I am deeply engaged in this adventure that I am living right now.

I carry within me my soul self, the presence that I am, and I cherish the memories of others who are still with me at that higher level.  I know that I have their blessings as I go deeply into this moment and live, vibrantly and well.

I am love.  I am connection.  I am.


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I wish you love, peace and joy, Carrie

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