Daily Quado: You are what you allow yourself to be

“You are what you allow yourself to be”

Today, do not let your past define you.  There are some stories you have accepted about yourself.  Perhaps you have accepted that you have a weight problem or that you are unlucky in love, or that you simply cannot handle mathematics.  There are certain limitations that were taught to you in school or by parents or by bitter experience along the way.  And now, you have accepted this definition of yourself, which is an acceptance of this limitation.  You may have even planned a lifetime around the limitation, protecting yourself from certain types of physical or social experiences.

This, you think, is a part of who you are, and there is nothing to be done about it.  But nothing could be further from the truth.

The fact is that you are simply reinforcing this limitation through your continuing repetition of it in your mind.  Every time you say, oh well, I’ve always had a weight problem, you are giving up, and you are reinforcing the likelihood of its truth.

But it is entirely possible to do the opposite.  Yes, it may take years to unwind all of this negative conditioning, but it can be done.  Begin by paying attention to what you say, both in words to other people and in your mind.  Pay attention to each limitation you impose upon yourself.  Write it down.  These are the things you tell yourself when you are giving up, when you are making excuses for not participating fully in life, when you are acknowledging defeat once again.

And after you write down one of these self-imposed limitations, write down the opposite.  And then, each time you hear the negative coming out, replace it with its opposite, and say the opposite at least three times.  It may seem silly at first, but over time you will begin to believe it, at least a little, and it will begin to open the door for the possibility of change that you desire.

You are what you allow yourself to be.  You have many, many strengths beyond what you have allowed yourself to explore.  There is no reason to accept these old stories, when you might re-craft your view of your own life, through the choice of a few different words.

I Am This Today

Today, I open myself to all of my power and my strength.  Today I am unlimited. Today, I am free and expansive.  Today, I am all that I wish to be.

I accept my own strength.  I accept my talents and abilities and take joy in exploring them, in opening myself to new experiences as I learn to stretch and grow beyond the old boundaries.

I am strong and capable.  I am at peace with the wonder and glory within me.  I am.


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I wish you love, peace and joy, Carrie

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