Daily Quado: Today would be an excellent day for an energy cleanse

“Today would be an excellent day for an energy cleanse”

Today would be an excellent day for a little energy cleanse. Our purpose is twofold:  to clear yourself of stagnant and negative energy and to infuse yourself with peace and love.  This is something that you can do at any time that you are feeling frazzled or confused, tired, frustrated or overworked.

First take a nice drink of water. Then sit quietly and close your eyes.  Breathe deeply several times, allowing the breath to fill you.  Relax your shoulders and neck as you exhale.

Now, picture the particles of golden energy in the sky above you.  They are swirling gently around, around and around.  Now they begin to form in a cone, a cone full of wondrous golden energy, cleansing energy, loving energy.

And now, this cone dips down slowly, still gently swirling, and it covers your head.  And here, it clears away all thought.  Your mind is completely cleansed.  And then allow the cone to dip lower and slowly cover your body.  And as it dips down, let it clear any emotions, any thoughts, any pain from your body.  Let it simply cleanse you of everything, so that you are left feeling completely clean and clear.

And then, allow the cone to lift off from your body, returning to the sky, and taking with it all that it cleared from your mind and body.

And now, become aware of a bright glowing ball above your head.  This is your higher self, your soul self.  And there is a golden shaft of light coming from that higher self into you.  This shaft is full of energy, bright and golden, pure and clear.  Let this energy fill you.  Let it enliven you, recharge you.  And this shaft of light is also full of peaceful love.  Allow this love to pour into you, filling you completely.  This energy, this love, is giving you complete clarity of mind.  It is giving you a heart of love full of love and peace.  It is filling you with a deep appreciation for all that you are and do.

Let it fill you and fill you until you begin to feel the joy that comes when you are fully alive.  Let it fill you so full that you begin to smile, just because you are.  And then, say a few words of thanks and release the vision and go about your life, renewed and refreshed, ready.

I Am This Today

Today, I choose to clear myself and approach life with an open heart and mind.

Today, I choose to relax and fill myself with peace and love.

I am love.  I am peace.  I am.


This message from Quado is a gift to you from me. 

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I wish you love, peace and joy, Carrie

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