Daily Quado: Grab life with both hands and live it vibrantly

“Grab life with both hands and live it vibrantly”

Do not let a fear of failure hold you back from trying out something new.  For when you step out and overcome your fears, when you go forward with courage and act, even though you are afraid, you gain far more than the achievement of any particular goal.  You gain a feeling of strength inside, the knowledge that you are capable of meeting challenges and surviving.  For even if you do fail at what you had originally laid out for yourself, you cannot possibly fail in the larger goal, which is to build your character and experience life.

Let your life adventure be toward this goal:  to grow ever stronger, to grow ever wiser, to reach out and grab life with both hands and live it, vibrantly, enthusiastically and with commitment and verve.

If you do this, the little missteps and mistakes along the way will not matter.  They matter only if you sit down on the road and quit.  Instead, just keep going, over the boulders or around them, even organizing a group of people to move them out of the way.  And if one day you find a mountain in your path, then just study the terrain, decide whether to go over, go around or search for tunnels, but do not quit, do not stop.

And whatever you do, do not listen to people who tell you that it cannot be done.  Do not listen to people who have quit their flower quest and are just sitting on the road playing with a few weeds.   Keep going forward and find the gates to the gardens, learn from the precious flowers growing on the edge of mountain ledges.  Ah, brave little flower, to show who you are, just as you are, living out your life with courage and tenacity, overcoming barriers that might have stopped others.

I Am This Today

I am deeply engaged in life.  I accept each challenge with a steadfast and courageous heart, knowing that every time I continue in spite of obstacles, I am becoming stronger and wiser and more vitally connected to my own life and that of others.

I love life.  I love myself.  I am full of peace and joy.  I am.


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I wish you love, peace and joy, Carrie

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