Daily Quado: Drop into your life with fresh eyes and look around

“Drop into your life with fresh eyes and look around”

If you were dropped down from the sky into your life, what would you think?  Would it make sense to you?  Today, do this mentally; be a visitor from another place, somehow invited to inhabit your life and your body for a day.  What do you see?

Look around your house; look at your friends and family, your coworkers.  Look at it all with fresh eyes today, and keep asking yourself, does my life make sense?

Your purpose is to open your eyes to the life you have created and see if you would like to make some adjustments.  See if what you have accepted as your daily life is, in fact, what you would like to continue to create.

Begin with awareness of how things are.  Begin with an assessment of the life you are leading.  And then, from there, feel your power.  Know that you have the power to create a new life.  Not overnight, of course.  But then, this life was not created overnight either.  But with time, you can improve every relationship in your life, improve your financial situation, improve opportunities in your work; you can create it all anew.

But begin here, today, with a fresh look at what you have created so far.  Then hold close and dear those parts of your creation that work well for you, nurture these and allow them to blossom even further.  And then set about making  gradual shifts to the other parts that you would like to freshen up or create anew.

Today, just drop in with fresh eyes and look around.

I Am This Today

I am completely open to fresh and new impressions of the life I have created.  I see it anew, without any preconceptions of what it is like.

I see every place as new, every person as new.  I am like a visitor in my own life and see it with fresh, objective eyes.

I am clean and clear.  I am peaceful and calm.  I am open and observant.  I am.


This message from Quado is a gift to you from me. 

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I wish you love, peace and joy, Carrie

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