Daily Quado: Achieve the ultimate state of relaxed awareness

“Achieve the ultimate state of relaxed awareness”

Today is a day for relaxing the mind.  Sometimes the pressures pile up and you begin to react.  You begin to feel tension and respond to it; tempers get frayed, harsh words spoken.  Fatigue and sickness set in.

Stop.  Take a deep breath.  Give yourself frequent breaks during the day to relax your mind.

You may try different techniques to give yourself an instant mental and emotional break.  Experiment with them and find what works for you.  Every morning, take a few minutes to practice, when you are at home and in a peaceful spot.  During your morning shower can be an excellent time and place.

So, for just a few minutes, close your eyes.  Breathe deeply and relax your neck and shoulders.  Then clear your mind.  You may visualize a white board that you erase.  You may visualize the water from the shower washing your mind clean.  You may visualize a golden ball of energy descending down into your mind and cleansing it.  If you are not a good visualizer, then just describe it in words.  If you will but practice, you will find the right picture or the right words to quiet your mind.  Do this faithfully every day, in the same time and place, and you will learn to drop down into relaxation instantly.

Then, when you become tense throughout the day, all you will need to do is take a deep breath and use the same visualization or words, and your mind and body will respond with relaxation.

Nothing is made better through frazzled attention.  Everything is made better when you achieve the ultimate state of relaxed awareness.  This is your goal.  Body relaxed, especially the neck and shoulders.  Mind quiet.  Emotions stilled.  Go inward to peace for a moment, then return to focused attention and clarity.

I Am This Today

Today I will take frequent breaks to relax my mind and body.

I take a deep breath and feel my neck and shoulders relax.  I clear my mind, letting all thoughts quiet down.  I restore my body to a calm and unemotional state.

I go inward and find my still center.  Then I open again to the world, my mind clear, my attention direct and focused, my awareness open.

I am at peace.  I am connected.  I am clear and focused.  I am.


This message from Quado is a gift to you from me. 

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I wish you love, peace and joy, Carrie

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