Daily Quado: When a flow appears, drop all else and follow

“When a flow appears, drop all else and follow”

Today dawns in beauty.  Another day to express who you are, to be who you are in this life.  This one little lifetime is so short, so precious, and the days pass quickly by.  The days pass by whether or not you are accomplishing what you wish, whether or not you are opening yourself to new experiences.  But if you do this, then you may just catch onto a flow.

It is a wonderful thing when you can feel that what you are doing is a part of a flow.  You suddenly sense what to do and where to go.  You know the words that are about to be spoken before they pass the lips of others.  You feel the future unfolding before you as a flower in beauty and promise.  And serendipity is everywhere, with synchronicities springing up around you like daisies in an open field.  This is a beautiful thing, and when it is there, when it calls you, you must drop all else and follow, if you wish to be lifted above the mundane ways things are done and transported to new places of wonder.

But a flow is not something you control.  It is not something you can force or create of your own volition.  It is.  And the way you reach this abundant flow of coordinated activity is to be open and observant, and of course, to be brave.  For the entrance to this underground river is marked by those little feelings and yearnings, those hints and arrows pointed out by the angels.  It is reached by following that little voice or that hidden desire, that feeling of rightness.

Sometimes when you do this, nothing much seems to happen.  But weeks later, or months and years, that little action may find its way to a greater flow, and the people you met, the events that were put into place before, suddenly reveal themselves as the right action, the only action, to make this flow begin and gather momentum.

Be open.  Be aware.  Respond to the little psychic hints you get.  And even if they do not appear to pay off now, just continue, continue following.  And then on that lucky day when you feel the tug of the river, drop your musty old plan and jump in and enjoy the ride.

I Am This Today

Today, I am open to the signs and serendipities of the angels and spirits which guide and surround me.  Today, I am relaxed enough to see and hear their signals, and alert and connected enough to act on them.

Today, I feel my connection with my deeper truth and know I will be guided by feel, vision and hearing, to places of wonder.  Today, I feel my connection to all that is, and feel the great flows of energy and action which run through life.

Today, I am full of courage and ready to take the plunge into a vital and connected life.

I am deeply relaxed.  I am deeply aware.  I am full of peace and courage.  I am.


This message from Quado is a gift to you from me. 

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I wish you love, peace and joy, Carrie

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