Daily Quado: There is a difference between creative visualization and day dreaming

“There is a difference between creative visualization and day dreaming”

Today I would like to speak of the difference between creative visualization and day dreaming.  A day dream, a fantasy, is powerless drifting.  It is a vain wish that things might change, but without the power of intention and commitment, without the marshalling of your forces, internal and external.

A creative visualization is quite different.  It is charged with energy.  You see what you wish to create.  You describe it in words in a highly positive way.  You ask for assistance from the spiritual world, from whatever forces and powers you feel most aligned with.  And then you take action that directly supports your vision, action that moves yourself forward, energizes you and the people you have enlisted, energizes the spiritual force you have called to your side.

When you do all of this, you will succeed.  The world has no choice but to give way to such energy.  It may take time, yes, of course.  You may encounter large obstacles on your path, yes, of course.  But you will succeed.  And every step you take, you will grow stronger, learning and growing, building more alliances, both in the physical world and in the spiritual.

And in all of this there are two very important elements:  please and thank you.  Ask for help.  Allow other people to assist you, finding ways to fulfill their needs as well as moving toward the fulfillment of your vision.  Ask for help from the spiritual team you bring together.  This is very important.  You have incredible power at your fingertips, and all it requires is that you intend and that you ask for help.

And then, of course, remember to say thank you, when the coincidences come flowing toward you, when the doors fly open, when people and spiritual partners stand alongside you and co-create your vision with you.  Gratitude has great power as well.

I Am This Today

I am a great creative force.  I fill myself with energy as I visualize the life I wish to create.  I open my life and my heart to others and invite them to share my vision.

I ask for the help of my spiritual partners, feeling their presence, invoking their loving and supporting action, believing strongly in the powers that surround me at all times.

I believe that I am fully capable of creating whatever I can envision.  I ask for help in supporting this vision.  I am full of gratitude for the help I receive.

I am full of energy and purpose.  I am committed to action that supports my course.  I am full of courage and resolve.  I am.


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I wish you love, peace and joy, Carrie

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