Daily Quado: Fill yourself with joy, just because you can

“Fill yourself with joy, just because you can”

Today, I wish for you to fill yourself with joy, just because you can.  Regardless of your outer circumstances, regardless of how you or others have disappointed you, frustrated or angered you, and even if you are surrounded with uncertainty, you can still fill yourself with joy.

You can do this, because at a higher level, you are nothing but joy, love and peace.  This is what you are. This is who you are.  At the highest level you are one with all that is, and that great All exists in a state of perfect peace.

And so all you need to do, at any time, is to remember that you are a part of much more than these little circumstances and situations that surround you and that you call your life.  You are much more than this.

Just breathe down until you feel yourself shifting to a more peaceful place.  And from there, just feel yourself reaching up through the top of your head to the bright glowing ball that is your higher self.  And then, open up the channel of energy that exists between you and your higher self.  Know your higher self as the creator of this lifetime and allow all that pure energy, that energy of love and peace and joy, to flow down and fill you.  Let it pour in and in until you cannot help but smile, just for the wonder of being full of such benevolent, joyful, peaceful and loving energy.

And now, become aware of the angels who surround you, the circle of shining light of which you are the center.  Hear them singing to you, see their glowing golden light, and know how deeply blessed you are.  And now, lift yourself one step higher until all of it, you , your higher self, the angels, become one with the great all, the godhead, the one.  Feel yourself blending and connecting, pure energy, pure love.

Stay in this place for as long as you care to, connected and one, in the deepest possible peace.

And when you are ready, come back down and open your eyes.  Feel the joy.  Feel the renewal.  It is all yours.  It is all real.

I Am This Today

I am one with all that is.  I am made of love, peace and joy.  I am pure energy and can connect myself into the greater energy, the greater all, at will.

I am peace.  I am love.  I am joy.  I am.


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I wish you love, peace and joy, Carrie

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